By rediscovering ourselves in Nature we are able to get in touch with the "seat of our soul". A place where we all find ourselves and our life's purpose after having lost it all in our modern existance.

Photography to me begins as an internal process seated in the soul, which then manifests itself externally in the non verbal form of a photograph. Rich in content about the soul, distilled slowly over time, the final photograph has remnants of past, present and future aswell as hints of the interplay between the soul and the enviroment it finds itself in.

This expression, whether it be in pixels or the rock art of the caveman, seems to have a "therapeutic value" for both. In both, caveman and modern man, the very deepest need to express and share the souls experiences, seems paramount in our lives. For the artist though, a deeply satisfying process.

I underwent the evolution from box camera, to the more modern film cameras and finally ended up with the modern digital camera. All were tools used to share experiences and maybe to inspire others.

Whether you are reminded of your annual holiday at the coast surrounded by your family and friends, or your wildernis experience in the vast open spaces of the Kalahari Desert, or your bush experience in the plant and animal kingdom of a Naional Park, I hope you may be inspired by what you connect with in my photographs. After all, it is all food for the soul :-)

Should you want a print to hang in your home, to use as decor in your B&B, or to have an enviromental theme in your boardroom, please feel free to place your order through this website or by email. I supply the highest quality prints, printed on the best quality paper, printed with the best quality ink tehnology, in the shortest time possible.

Until next time, I hope you've been inspired to discover your "Soul Story".

Simon Edwards

St Francis Bay

Eastern Cape

South Africa